January workshop: vinyasa and yin yoga

The new year is on the horizon and we have something special planned at Satya Yoga: a combined vinyasa and yin yoga workshop. The two styles complement each other, the one being energetic and the other still and passive. As you plan your 2019, take a moment for both resolve and reflection during an afternoon of yoga.

If you attend lessons at Satya Yoga then you are already familiar with vinyasa. This is an active style of yoga, and can be quite vigorous and fiery. Yin yoga is a “cool” style, with gentle poses that are held longer than in vinyasa. Between the vinyasa flow and the yin session we will take time for meditation and breathing exercises, to bridge the yang and the yin. Stay after the workshop for a chat over tea and cookies.

The date of the workshop isĀ Sunday, January 27, 2019 and registration is already open. See you in the new year!

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