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Why practice yoga at home? If you live in a city like Basel (where Satya Yoga is based) then you have an abundance of yoga studios and excellent teachers to choose from. But there are still good reasons for starting a home yoga practice.

3 reasons for doing yoga at home

  1. You want to practice more regularly. Not everyone can afford to go to a studio multiple times a week. Practicing at home lets you experience the joy of yoga as often you wish.
  2. You like the experience of practicing on your own. Group classes can provide amazing energy. But when you practice yoga at home, you create your own space, your own rhythm, your own flow.
  3. You haven’t found your yoga studio ‘home’. Maybe there is a dearth of yoga studios in your vicinity, or maybe you haven’t found a teacher you click with. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your yoga practice: your living room can easily become your studio.

What you need to practice yoga at home

Fortunately you don’t need to invest much in order to start practicing yoga in your home. A good quality yoga mat helps, but if you have a regular fitness mat you can use that as well. A yoga block can be very useful for certain poses but if you don’t have one you can often use a thick book instead.

There are many many online videos and resources for practicing yoga at home. Check out doyogawithme.com, a donation-based website that offers tons of video classes with great teachers for free.

Girl doing yoga in front of a window
Don’t want to follow a video?

If you prefer simply working with the rhythm of your own breath with no outside voice to guide you, ask your teacher to show you a few simple sequences that you can write down and do at home.

If you’re not currently attending studio classes, then you can look online for basic sequences such as sun salutations that you can start practicing on your own.

Keep going to group yoga lessons

A home practice can be a way to enrich your yoga life. But if you can, keep going to a regular studio lesson as well. A good teacher can help you progress, correct your poses, and guide you along your yoga path.

Looking for yoga lessons in the Basel area? Stop by Satya Yoga for vinyasa classes every Wednesday evening.

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