The joy of group yoga

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the ins and outs of a yoga home practice. How’s that going for you? Drop a note in the comments if you feel like sharing. Today we’re going to look at what happens when you practice yoga in a group.

You connect. When you practice yoga, you focus on your breathing to begin to connect your body and mind. When you practice yoga together then you add another element of connection: you connect with the people around you. For the hour or ninety minutes you are together you become a mini community, creating yoga.

Yoga students doing sun salutations
You match breath. Everyone has their own rhythm of breathing. But sometimes in a group lesson you almost unconsciously begin to match your breathing to your neighbour’s. This is especially true if the teacher is counting breaths. Suddenly you have a shared rhythm, heightening the sense of connection we talked about before.

You create shared energy. Hard to describe, easy to feel. You are not alone as you work through the asanas, as you express a warrior, a tree pose or a downward facing dog. You share the poses, you lift each other up, you are touched by your own strength and the strength of others.

At Satya Yoga we remain ever grateful for the connection, joy and energy that students bring to our classes. May you have a good start to your week and a chance to create shared yoga.

Looking for group yoga classes in Basel? Stop by for one of our regular classes or a weekend workshop.

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