Meet the (Power Yoga) teacher: Oksana

Get to know your teachers at Satya Yoga! Today we’re interviewing Oksana, who teaches Power yoga & stretching on Tuesday and Friday evenings. She also gives a morning class on Mondays.

What brought you to Basel?

I came to Basel to visit my friend who was studying here. And then I met my husband.

How did you get into yoga?

I once tried a free yoga lesson and then  got obsessed with yoga. I was looking for the best teacher until I found one I was happy with.

Yoga teacher doing yoga pose

What style do you teach at Satya Yoga and what drew you to this style?

I’m offering power yoga and yoga focusing on stretching and flexibility.

What’s one of your favorite poses and why?

I like Half Moon because it gives power and stretches the body at the same time.

What is most important to you when teaching a class?

I like when my students enjoy the flow: then we have amazing energy in the studio.

Looking for yoga in Basel? Check our our class schedule, including Power yoga & stretching classes with Oksana.

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