Yoga nidra from October

By the time our day is half-way over we often feel the need of refreshment: work, daily life, or running a household can see us tired by noon.

Join our new yoga nidra class, starting 1 October, every Tuesday from 12:15. Yoga nidra is also known as yogic sleep and is a form of very deep relaxation. The practitioner is brought into a state that is between waking and sleeping through a guided meditation.

This form of yoga has been shown to reduce stress, even to the extent of helping soldiers to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Yoga nidra also offers a way to deeply connect with your inner world.

Yoga nidra at Satya Yoga is a drop-in class but you can also register in advance to guarantee your place in the group. The class is taught by Rebecca, whose warm presence will ensure you feel safe and at ease during the session. All levels are welcome, even complete newcomers with no yoga experience.

Categories: Classes, Yoga styles

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