Why we teach in small groups

A new student was joining her first ever yoga class and she looked both nervous and excited when she entered our attic studio.

There were only three others in the class and soon introductions were going around. Two students had been practicing yoga for a while, and a third was towards the beginning of his yoga journey. As the group chatted before class, the new student seemed to relax a bit as she sat for the first time on a yoga mat.

Two yoga students and teacher

The teacher had already chatted with the student before the class and knew a bit about her. Teachers like to spend time with their students, and a small group means it’s easy to show versions of a pose for beginner to advanced. The class, a vinyasa flow sequence, began and the students shared each pose, expressed at their different levels.

After the rest of savasana, the group shared a guided meditation. As the class finally ended, a smile lit up the face of the woman who had joined for the first time. She was tired but proud of herself, and the rest of the group could take part in her pride.

We teach in small groups at Satya Yoga. Class sizes are capped at ten but often the number of attendees is smaller, like our vinyasa group of four. Why we love this? Connection. In these small groups, the magic of shared space and breath gives us a special experience of yoga. Our students know each other’s names. They can be excited together, challenged together.

You might come to our studio by yourself but you won’t practice yoga alone. We’re there with you.

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