When our bodies need love

Written by Rebekkah.

I’ve been on crutches for four weeks. The muscles in my right leg are cramped and hard as rock. The incision running down my thigh has almost healed, leaving a long scar. My hands are callousing and seizing up from using the crutches.

I’m very fortunate: this is all temporary. The first few days after hip surgery were spent adjusting to reduced mobility and I couldn’t imagine how I would cope if this were a permanent new reality.

When we practice yoga, we work to connect our minds and souls with our bodies. I know I can get lost in focusing on my body at the expense of mind and spirit.

In the months leading up to surgery my hip pain increased and even most seated positions were uncomfortable. I could no longer practice physical yoga or do any of the sports I love. My muscles weakened, my fitness vanished, and I taught my yoga class sitting on my yoga mat.

I hated the way my body felt. I was angry at my body. Did I feel any acceptance and calm, or any of those things we talk about so often in a yoga session? No.

Pair of crutches on yoga mat

When I was home from the hospital and recovering (on the sofa. with lots of Netflix. and ice cream), a good friend came by to see me. We talked about my frustration and lack of yogi-like-acceptance-of-how-my-body-feels, and she said: “This is when your body most needs love.”

She was right. When our bodies are weak, feeling pain, in need of healing, carrying stress or weight: that’s when they need love.

And when we are feeling helpless or lost, that’s when we most need to tap into the love of others.

My friends, family, partner, the kind people who hold the bus door for me: they all build a net of love that catches me when my spirits fall. Or when I occasionally slip using those damn crutches.

Rebekkah is a vinyasa teacher and the studio manager of Satya Yoga in Basel.

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