Yoga and sports

Basel is a pretty sporty town. Skiers, hikers, CrossFitters, Zumba lovers: outdoor and indoor sport enthusiasts alike can find their communities in Basel.

Athletes often come to yoga classes looking to increase flexibility, whether it’s runners hoping to touch their toes or climbers wanting a greater range of motion.

But is that it? Will yoga simply make your body a bit more stretchy or will it help you in other ways as you practice the sports you love?

Targeted strength building

Yoga is not just about twisting and bending into deep stretches: a yoga class can also give you a workout. Physically demanding classes such as Power Yoga will have you working on your core through dynamic moves, while a session of Iyengar increases muscle strength with long-held poses.

Mental focus

Whether you’re battling through to the finish line of your first marathon, overcoming nerves on a high climb, or facing a new opponent in martial arts, sports require mental as well as physical strength. Yoga practitioners work with controlled breathing and meditation to acquire discipline of the mind as well as the body.

Rest and recovery

Recovery time is just as important for our bodies as tough workouts. Without proper rest, it’s not possible for athletes to perform or compete to full potential. A relaxing Yin Yoga class or Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) session can help you get some needed downtime before your next high intensity or endurance training.

Flexibility and mobility

And yes: increased flexibility is definitely a thing in yoga. You do not need a naturally flexible body to start doing yoga. As you practice, your body will slowly be able to go deeper into the stretches that form a part of a yoga session.

Satya Yoga partners with Basel Dragons Running Club to offer special discounts to club members. If you’re a sports organization based in Basel and interested in a partnership, please get in touch.

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