Our teachers are a team of caring and supportive individuals. They create a space where every student is welcomed and encouraged to explore new connections between body, mind and spirit.

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I am a yoga teacher, runner, marketer, and snickerdoodle enthusiast.

When I went to Chamonix to do my 200 hour teacher training with Mariza Smith in May 2018, I had no idea yoga could impact my life as deeply as it would. After a month of intense training, teaching, practicing, and meditation I knew that yoga was an integral part of my life.

When I returned to Basel, where I have lived since 2012, I founded Satya Yoga and began teaching Vinyasa yoga classes. I love the shared energy of a group yoga class and the openness and enthusiasm my students bring to practicing yoga.

Other than on my yoga mat, my favorite places to be are on a mountain trail or curled up on the sofa with a book.

Feel free to chat me on WhatsApp with any questions about the classes or studio:


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My name is Oksana, I’m from Ukraine. I have been practicing yoga since 2011 and have been teaching since 2015. I pay a lot of attention to the work with the body. The student is always the focus of my classes, and the training is adapted to his or her body structure.

This helps to find a balance between the body and the mind and through this to stay fit in daily life.

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Fabian has a background in martial arts and holds two black belts in Aikido. Currently he is working professionally in the security sector. His journey lead Fabian to deeper exploration and understanding of the integration of body, mind and spirit. In 2011, he completed his first yoga teacher training in California.

Numerous yoga trainings, workshops and travels followed and shaped Fabian into a competent and passionate yoga teacher. He is certified teacher in various yoga styles (Bikram, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative). Fabian welcomes students at Satya Yoga to a relaxing Yin yoga class. The focus is on balancing and restoring our physical and mental bodies. Fabian creates a safe space to connect to your higher self.

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It is a pleasure for me to share with you my passion for yoga. I have been always attracted by this discipline , by the perfection of asanas and by the stillness of meditation. After many years in science I have decided to dedicate my attention to nutrition and to yoga. In my yoga classes I follow the Iyengar yoga method, in which perfect alignment is reached using props and supports.

My classes are designed for beginners and for advanced students. The classes also include reflections on philosophy and nutrition. Namaste.

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From a young age Joanne has had a deep fascination with movement and the body, always understanding and discovering that calming and addressing the physical body, also calms and relaxes the mind, creating for us a happy and peaceful way to live. After much fascination and reading yoga texts and books throughout her teenage years, Joanne entered her first yoga Shala at the young age of 19 and never looked back from a yogic and spiritual path.

She has studied varying forms of yoga but found her home and love for Ashtanga many years ago, which she continuously studies daily and with many wonderful teachers all around the world.

As well as a physical Asana practice, Joanne has a great love of Buddhist practices and often studies texts with beautiful Buddhist teachers all over the world. This fascination and search for a peaceful and meaningful life lead her to live for 2 years in a Buddhist center, both working and studying closely with teachers and learning how to live mindfully every day.

Joanne’s classes are of a strong Vinyasa style, yet alignment and working with bandhas and the breath are key to a healthy practice, which helps calm and focus the body and mind.

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Yoga came into my life as a gift, that I honour, respect and will be always grateful for. I am one of the million of witnesses who have been touched by the healing and magic of yoga and its philosophy. The way I want to acknowledge this beautiful present is by sharing my practice and helping others to find a path of self-realization and awareness of the union of body, mind and spirit.

I come from Colombia, where I had the opportunity to practice with some of the best and most recognized teachers there. I have also been inspired by ancient indigenous knowledge and world view, which has provided me tools to help me awake the seed of love (present in us all).

The yoga flow in my classes consists of going deep into the postures and developing a strong, flexible, and resistant body structure. This of course works simultaneously and in the same way with the mind.

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My name is Rebecca and I’m from Basel. In 2016 I did my first Yoga Teacher Training in India, which changed my life a lot. Through yoga I found my inner smile and with teaching I can spread it to the world. This is the reason why yoga become so important to me, lending me a break from the sometimes stressful environment we live in.

Yoga allows me to pause where I can breathe, be grateful and smile…also from within. Come and join a class and leave with a open heart and and a smile.

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Krisztina teaches Vinyasa yoga and also instructs the popular donation-based Partner yoga class on Sunday mornings.
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