Vinyasa Yoga in Basel

Vinyasa yoga: movement connected with breath. You can find weekly Vinyasa yoga classes at Satya Yoga in Basel: come by for a visit.

As one of the most popular forms of yoga, Vinyasa can be found on the schedules of most Basel yoga studios.

Yoga teacher doing chaturanga pose

What makes Vinyasa so special? For many yoga practitioners, it is the smooth and relatively quick transitions from one pose to the next, usually referred to as “flow”. These transitions are always done on an inhale or an exhale, helping you to control your breathing.

This conscious breathing calms you and brings you into a state of inner focus. A Vinyasa flow class be anything from very vigorous and physically challenging, to slow and gentle.

If you’re looking for Vinyasa yoga in Basel, then check out our class schedule at Satya Yoga. We teach in small groups and all our yoga classes are in English. We would love to welcome you to one of our Vinyasa classes.

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